Walk by Faith

So about two weeks ago I woke up with a dull pain in my hip. It bothered me most when sitting and I also had some sharp pains depending on how I walked/moved. I figured I'd slept wrong so I walked on it throughout the day, but it just kept getting worse. I went to bed that night thinking it'd heal over night.

Then around 3 am I woke up out of my sleep yelling. I didn’t know what was wrong. All I knew was that it was too painful to move my leg and I needed to see a specialist.

I somehow managed to minimize movement and lasted a few hours until the orthopedic clinic opened. After bumming a ride with a church member (Bless her!), and a quick x-ray revealed I had a femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) or hip impingement and a labrum tear. Basically it’s when there’s extra bone on your hip joint and mine tore the cartilage in my hip socket.

Yup. It's as painful as it sounds.

But how did it happen and, moreover, how did such a thing happen in. my. sleep?! The only thing I've ever broken on my body is a nail and the only thing I've twisted is my hair so, for lack of better words, this entire ordeal "had me shook." 

To make a long story short, the last two weeks I've been leaning on medication (the worst), crutches (so annoying) and my support system (love y'all!) to keep me lifted (physically and emotionally). Unfortunately my check up yesterday wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm phasing out of crutches (Yay!), but headed into physical therapy for the next few weeks (ew).

I really wanted and was believing for quick and complete healing so, I'm not going lie: I'm exhausted (can barely sleep because of the discomfort), super irritable (probably due to sleep deprivation) and, well... just not myself.

Still, I decided not to question why God is extended my journey because I'm positive something amazing's going to come out of it. 

Is our faith impinged?

In the same way my FAI/hip impingement affects my physical walk, we can have FAIth impingements that affect our spiritual walks.  

We're taught to walk by faith and not by sight, but, like the extra bone in my hip, many of us are walking with extra things in us, things we've added to our faith that could cause us a lot of pain at any moment. It's not until God causes something to happen that jolts us out of our sleep that we realize it.   

So these next 5 weeks of physical therapy ahead of me I'll be working out some of these things I've added to my faith. Through spiritual therapy I hope to regain my agility in Christ.

During my break, I urge you to refocus your energies and goals around prioritizing your spiritual health and well-being. I'll be adding a link to what I've learned below so be sure to check back later! 


NV_Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual Therapy: Getting my faith back on track!


Update: April 2018

If you haven’t seen by now, I’m back in heels (!!) trying to strike a balance so I don’t wear myself out.

Here’s a little back story on how an injury six months ago opened up a new perspective of challenging my faith.