Nowadays it's so simple to disconnect from people or things that make us feel uncomfortable. With a click or tap of a button we're relieved of whatever annoyances or discomforts been caused, but has this thinking infiltrated our walk with Christ?

It seems as though we've become more comfortable with disconnecting ourselves little by little from what's meant to sustain us. Similarly to why we unfollow people in our digital lives, we unfollow Christ in our spiritual. So why are so many choosing to disconnect from Him?

Many of the reasons parallel why we'd unfollow people in our social media networks: 

1. We lose interest.  

You ever take note of those 'ghost' accounts? The ones that haven't shared anything in months or even years and you wonder if they're even a real person! After an extended period of inactivity we start questioning what "value" following them has to offer.  

Without fail, this can be one of the toughest parts of having a relationship with God. If we feel we aren't hearing from Him or we're not having frequent encounters, we start to question if He's really there (or if He's really Who His word says He is). If we feel we don't receive an answer from God in our timing, we disengage and eventually disassociate ourselves from our faith in Him.

All of this takes place while He's watching over us faithfully. I love that even if we lose interest in Him, He never forgets about us.

2. We're offended.

There's a lot of nonsense that can fly across our screens and affect our moods. We're more likely to use filters over a photo than our heart and mouth so you can imagine how reckless that can be. 

A sly comment, obnoxious post or maybe even a "sub tweet" can quickly put us in an unfriend/unfollow frenzy. Still, not everything that's shared is shared out of spite. Some of the statements we come across are, plain and simple, the bitter truth—unpleasant and maybe even unwelcomed, but (if said out of love) are meant to help us grow.

God is always trying to find ways to interact with us more intimately.  To show us He's concerned with every part of our lives... and sometimes the truth He reveals to us can feel too personal. If we're not careful, we can use this discomfort as an exit strategy instead of a means to develop a deeper relationship with Him. 

3. Our envy gets the best of us. 

Be honest. Sometimes you just don't want to see all the 'blessings' others are receiving, especially if you're going through a rough patch.

"Awww, another engagement." (Eye roll.) Or "Look at the Jones' baby taking his 927th step!" (Straight face.) It's ok. I said it for you.

It's a natural first reaction, but we've got to learn how to work through that jealousy or FOMO (fear of missing out) to move towards the joy of being in Christ.

I've realized the closer I am to God's heart the more I feel the joy in it. The more I feel that joy, the more I live it and the more I live it the more I express it! It has to start with working on our own hearts to learn to celebrate life and the blessings of others.

The second is to realize we have no earthly idea what God has planned for us and that fact should be encouraging. You don't have to worry about every little detail and you can trust that you're in the most capable hands.

So let's start letting God (not envy) get the best of us.  

Stay connected.

He knows how much we need Him so even in our unfaithfulness, He remains faithful. Attentive to our every need, and although not interacting frequently, He's always working to meet our every need (and even our heart's desire)! All He needs is for us to diligently seek Him.

So don't let common distractions disconnect you from your walk with God. Challenge yourself to find new ways to connect with Him to stay a committed follower of Jesus Christ.