I went through this crazy phase as a kid where I thought I had super powers.

One day I'd run as fast as I could thinking I could beat Cheetara any time, any place and the next I was "stretching forth mine hand" to try to move juice or snacks with my mind.

The point is I was weird. No, that's not the point (even though I was a weird kid and have since grown into a gracefully weird adult).

The real point is I was empowered by just the thought that I could be some type of super human. It was only as I grew older I began to realize my "limitations."

| Shaped in Iniquity

One of my favorite passages in the Bible has nothing to do with abundant blessings or exceeding joy. It's actually a prayer of forgiveness and repentance.

In Psalms 51, David acknowledges both his morality and spirituality was tested and he failed. Still, instead of being consumed by his mistakes or taking on the shape of his iniquity he asks to be reshapened. (Think about how a powerful king still humbled himself to the King of Kings to reconcile his mistakes.)

Every time I reflect on this passage I think, "What more can I, an average Joe, do to reconcile my mistakes?" "How can move towards forgiveness from God (and from myself)?"

| Supernatural

It's no secret that God exists and operates in the supernatural:

He has all power and authority making Him the superhero of all superheroes (and He's actually real)!

He can steer even the biggest, most catastrophic problems in our lives back on course.

He can see through all of our façades and well-crafted disguises.

He can even take what seems to be the most mangled and distorted parts of our lives and somehow put them in right alignment again. 

So when did I realize Christ had the power to reshape my life?

The moment I asked for forgiveness.

| Shapeshifter

It was that moment (and moments) of having a repentant heart that I gave God 'the nod' to come in and begin His work. Crafting a new life and reshaping me from the inquity I was in took—and still takes— time, commitment and many uncomfortable conversations, but it was one of the most worthwhile decisions I've made in my life.

For me, to be completely forgiven, then to have the sins I was born with and the transgressions I've made washed away through baptism in Jesus’ name was the first and second step to reconciling my faith.

After that point, I knew I'd been set on a different path; one that would forever change my perspective on the purpose of my life.

Still, it wasn't until many years later when I received the most precious gift-- one that I cherish most out of anything I've ever received. A gift that I, at one point, took for granted and became reckless with until I realized its true power and strength...

I'm talking about the spirit of Christ. The very real and living Holy Spirit that chose to speak through me and use me for His work. 

I've never met the Marvel version of a shapeshifter, but I can imagine it'd be an encounter that still couldn't compete with what God has done and is doing in my life. Which makes me wonder:

If He's already championed for my soul (on the cross) and won (with His resurrection), what else is He capable of? 


My Christ-centered perspective is built off of my faith as a Pentecostal (Apostolic) believer. I’m well versed in many faiths and respect people’s—and the ‘Amurican’— right to Freedom of Religion. ♥️🙏🏾🙌🏾