Ready When You Are

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm not ready.

Even as I type this, I'm trying to figure out where I'll land, but not in a frightful frenzy kind of way. More like a smooth glide, coast to the shoreline kind of way. 

I've had this site clutched so tightly to my chest the past 4 years that I think I nearly forgot its purpose. Every time I wanted to share it, I'd come up with an excuse as to why it and/or I wasn't ready.

"I need a few more of [these]."

"I still need [this]."

"I can't launch without [this]."

And even though it may all seem new to you, I'm launching something that's matured with me. Something very near and dear to my heart-- the heart God's been working to recreate.

And even if y'all absolutely hate it (which would be sad), I still LOVE y'all! Especially those who've been so encouraging, PATIENT and supportive over these last 4 years.

So what pushed me to finally launch COCONANH.COM? And why am I doing it knowing I'm "not ready"? 

Well, it's simple-- prayer.  

I decided to stop stressing myself out (to.the.max!) and tell God the absolute truth: That I wasn't sure if I could handle this next step. That there was still so much I needed to work on and work out of my life and that I didn't want to disappoint Him. And His reply?

"You're ready when I say you're ready and I say you're ready."

So even if I don't know the full vision of what He has planned for me, I'm expecting and planning for great things, y’all!

This I do know: He's granted me a life of joy to create and spread His love. A love crafted by the Original Creator that pushes me to live a life that's truly purposeful by design.





P.S. I can't say this enough or call everyone out by name, but THANK you to all those who have given me confidence and shown me so much support and love these pasts 4 years! I seriously couldn't have done it without each of you. I'm so blessed!

| photo x Yasmine Omari (@afrobot901)

| mural x Bongang (@bongangart)

styling x me