I Feel You!

I do not wear my heart on my sleeve. I mean, in this case I literally wear a heart on my sleeve, but figuratively and historically that’s just not been me.

It’s been so deeply wired in me to be logical and solution-oriented that I avoided emotionally driven decisions (and conversations) at all costs, and even at the expense of others feelings.

Of course it was perfectly fine to be a listening ear and offer advice, but when the script was flipped I would keep it 100% general information and need-to-know disclosure because ‘you ain’t finna have me talking about my feelings and what not.’

But last year God pushed and challenged me to increase my emotional awareness. During this journey, I think I cried in more ‘public’ spaces— mainly at church— than I’d care to mention.

Then, this past January my therapist (Gasp! Yes, I have a therapist!) challenged me to read through my past posts and think about how my readers would feel.

It sounds so simple, but it’s been completely foreign to me. 

This whole time I’ve been writing and caring about what you think (yes, I care about what you think) while reading my posts— trying to answer questions like, ‘Are my thoughts cohesive?’ or ‘Am I getting my point across?’—but I’ve spent very little time caring about how you feel.

So I’ve got to ask you:

| Are you connecting with what I’m saying in a meaningful way?

| Do you feel challenged in an area you previously weren’t?

| Do you feel me?!

If you answered yes to any of the questions, then I want to hear it! If you didn’t, then hang in there and give me some more time to step my game up!

I’m new to this journey of wearing my heart on my sleeve. I’ve even created a visual reinforcement on my favorite jacket because I want to become more in tune with how people feel around me and less concerned with what they think about me.

So if you’re reading this, it’s not too late to express yo’ self too. I understand if you don’t want to put it all out there, but a simple repost with #IFeelYou will let me know you’re down for the journey too! ♥️

| #IFeelYou


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