He's A Keeper

I recently came a cross an article about 'finding your soul mate' and thought how Christ is our eternal soul mate if He dwells in us. So why not be intentional about how our ideal relationship with Christ should look? Do you want to be have more confidence in your relationship? Whats the ideal time commitment you all will share? You can't expect to have a good relationship with someone you scarcely communicate with.

This was a mirror of my personal relationships as well. I'm not really sure where things went awry, but I've passed up on several opportunities for pretty good healthy relationships. It's not that I'm coming from a place of regret or remorse, but reflection. I'd always wonder what was holding me back, why I could never fully connect or what my "problem" was. These were all good men. Then I realized something: my heart was with someone else.

It's a scenario we never want to be in-- building a relationship with someone and later finding out their heart is in another place. But this time it's different. I started to ask myself, "Why am I so stuck on this guy? Like of all the guys in the world, why have I set my sights on this "Mr. Right(euos)?"

The answer is quite simple-- He's a keeper.

He's a Keeper

I'd heard this term so often growing up— and not just in reference to Christ. It also held true in the natural sense.

You meet someone and there's this mutual connection. They're so genuine, intriguing and focused on making the relationship fruitful that you know you've hit the lotto. They're a keeper and you'd be a fool (literally and unbeliever in God) to let them go.

Christ is a keeper. He’s worth every sacrifice, every tear and every struggle because He redeems our sorrows and troubles a hundred fold.  

I'm Kept.

Building off the above definition of being a keeper or 'catch,' you'd also want to be with someone who's willing to keep you. This isn't in the possessive sense but the Godly, protective one. They're willing to keep your heart protected. They want to keep you in good spirits, great health and all that comes with trusting and believing in someone with your whole being.

Only, they were never meant to hold that responsibility for your entire being... God was. We are kept by Him.

He's a Catch.

There's no earthly comparison to the love and compassion we receive from Love Himself (God is love). There's nothing we can't open up to Him about, there's no fear of Him judging our past (He cares about our eternal future) and there's no condemnation to those who walk in His plan for them.

You may have heard these phrases so frequently they seem to be epitaphs (words to remember the deceased by), but take time to really let that sink in...

His word is the living word, which means these truths still exist today.

If we truly knew how God felt about us, what His plans were for us, we wouldn't hesitate for a moment to commit fully to Him. We'd see how in love He was with us and we'd never want to lose that love in our lives, but we have to actually see God as a 'good catch.' Think about the ways He's shown you His love over and over again.

That's why I say He's a keeper-- He's a great find and He'll keep you.

Keep up the Good Work[s] 

Going back to the article about how to recognize your “soul mate,” we have to be intentional about pursuing a relationship with God that we truly need.

So let's start with this: make a list about your ideal relationship traits and qualities your want from a spouse. Then stack those things up against the relationship you want with God. I've even created a worksheet for you!

COCO_NANH-Hes A Keeper

Download your FREE worksheet here!

Use it as a guide to write down the details of the type of relationship you want with Christ, then think of ways to build up to that ideal relationship with God. 

I'd love to hear what your expecting from God! Drop your comments below or share your checklist with me on social media (@COCO_NANH)!