Still in Love

Around this time last year I wrote a rather cynical post, "I'm in Love," about the unwanted pity we singles received on Valentines Day.

Reading back over it myself, I got a few laughs in. It gave me joy to see how much I've grown in a year, but also how much I'm still the same. A year later I can say with even more confidence and understanding that I'm still in love. 

Still in Love 

Sounds good don't it? When you hear people say it who've been married 10, 30 or 60+ years, your heart kind of melts. You know they've been through some rough patches, but to push through and still find those sweet moments in their relationship gives hope to younger (and even older) couples. 


I'm not married, but I'd imagine what these couples feel is the way I feel about Christ right now-- I'm still sweet on Him.

There've been times just this past year where I hestitated in trusting Him, tried to do things my way and even flat out ignored Him. You can imagine where I ended up in those situations (I'll give to a hint-- straight humble-pie-eating embarrassed).

Even in my stubbornness, through His patience with me, I've grown even fonder of the time we spend together. How He talks to and through me. How great of a listener He is. How He just loves me! (I may or may not be blushing right now.)

Something that I realized in those obstinate times is that I can be a real busy body. Always tryna help someone else or fix something or offer advice (go figure), but what I've been missing most is being still in God's love. Letting it soak into and hit the jaded parts of my heart. Letting Him work on the issues I think I can fix myself. I don't do it enough-- just sit still.

With that I'm challenging myself to listen more, love more and control less. I'm working on continuously improving my friendships, kinships and relationships to demonstrate the same love God's shown me. 

So I just wanted to check in and let y'all know I'm working to stay near and dear to God's heart. Building trust with what He's given and gaining favor for what He's not yet shown.

I also want you all to know that I still love y'all! Even you over the top, lovey dovey couples. Keep spreading that joy! We need to see it in the world, especially now. But most importantly (if I can quote myself):

"Stay in Christ and you'll stay in love."