Wow. 26.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have experienced another year of life. Everything this past year may not have gone as planned.  I planned to have this site launched months ago and as I'm typing this I still don't know if it will be fully launched by my birthday (if it is, ya girl is good!), but each step has been a learning experience for me. 

Even if I never make all my personal battles public, I'm grateful for the chance to serve a God who knows everything about me. And not because He's omniscient, but because I've learned to take everything to Him in prayer... and still loves me!

I no longer hide my mistakes from Him for fear of His disapproval. No matter how small (or large) of an issue, I run to Him for guidance, then to the support system of family and friends He's blessed me with. Reinforcing this process has deepened my relationship not only with Christ, but also with my fortress of positive people who surround and support me. I can't help but be overwhelmed and thankful to have their (and now your) support of my mission to share my passions. 

25 was the year of new battles. I pushed myself to new measures of boldness rooted in the faith that God will always lead me in the right direction. I felt defeated many times and am I'm still in the thick of some challenges, but for year 26, my nervousness and anxiety for the future has and will be replaced with the joy and anticipation of what God has in store.

During my reflections, I thought of this analogy (which I'm sure my decor/architecture fanatics alike will love):

When you watch a renovation of an older home or try to take on the project yourself, you typically have one mindset-- "I need to make things like new." Once you really dig in and if you have a good eye, you start recognizing the character and detail that needs to be preserved.

It takes some pretty hard labor, but when that sledgehammer hits the wall and for the first time, the original brick is exposed there's this moment of intense excitement and revelation of the history behind that wall. 

Just like my walk, every time I hit a wall, God's revealed a little more of His beauty to me. It's hard work and I never really know what I'm getting into, but with every swing He reminds me that it's not what's covered up that He finds beautiful-- it's what's exposed.