I'm In Love

Ah, to be single for Valentine's Day. Scrolling through dozens of "I'm in love. Deep, deep love" posts and pretending not to be a bit skeptical. It seems as though the more I experience adulthood the more I realize how presumptuous people can be. 

At 25 years old, I've been single for nearly every Valentine's Day (not counting my elementary school years when I was pretty sought after. Just kidding. I was awkward.) The truth is I've never experienced any "emotional distress" or "deep longing" from my single status. 

Being Single is Not a Disease  

I get it. You've found the love of your life, your soul mate, and you receive so much joy and fulfillment that you can't image anyone going without this experience. How completely unselfish of you to want that for others and I think I speak for most singles when I say "thank you." Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but please stop feeling sorry for us. There are plenty of people going through real issues that are more deserving of your sympathy. Being single is not a disease. 

I'm happy, life is great and my heart is full of love.  I know my tone may seem a bit jaded, but I promise it's out of love, just as your desire for us to be in a relationship with someone we adore is out of genuine concern for we single's emotional well-being. I just want to remind you that some (if not most) of us are doing fine.

Honestly, the first time I even considered marriage was this year when I realize the type of tax benefits the married with children receive. If I'd realized that sooner, I wouldn't have been dragging my feet so much!

In seriousness, my experience these past years as a single woman has always reinforced the love that God has for me. How He is the primary source of my happiness and fulfillment in life-- and I must say, He's been doing an amazing job at it.

My decision to stay single has been the fact that I don't want to jeopardize the relationship I've built with Him to jump into one with someone He hasn't designed for me. And if He doesn't send someone for me I'll still be content! My measure of love is not dependent on who I'm with, but Who I serve. 

I'm in love

To both my single and married folks, the primary love and approval you should be seeking--the only one that can truly satisfy any void and bring the most happiness-- is Christ's. No relationship will achieve the amount of joy obtained through serving Him, trusting Him and leaning on Him for all of your needs. Stay in Christ and you'll stay in love.

Love y'all... or whatever. ;)