Who are you?

My last post of the year is befitting to be about reflections and fresh starts, but is by no means a resolution.

"Who are you?" This question can come from two places. One comes from the difficulty someone might have reconciling your past to your present state of mind or focus. The other casts doubt on the validity of your authority, influence or position of power. Either way the question is usually asked out of contempt, but can still hint towards a self evaluation.  

"Who are you?"

People change. I think we all can acknowledge that fact. When we hear the question asked like this, we know the aim: 'Who have you become?' and 'What happened to the person I knew?'

Even though this type of question is usually aimed at people who've changed for the worse, even change for the better can leave people feeling excluded. It's hardly ever the intent, but still the outcome creates an unfamiliar and uncomfortable distance between what once was and what now is.  

Chances are you're going to deal with the growing gap between some family and friends if your change of direction is moving towards God. 

"Who are you?"

This one gets me. Moreso because it's usually from the perspective of the person who asks it. What they're really thinking is "who are you to have influence over decisions that impact me?"

Our journey is a reflection of the ones we encounter along the way. If we reject people who honestly desire good for us then we're left to fight and stave off the ones who don't. It shouldn't be received with contempt when you see someone gain access to influence if for the right reasons. 

Still we all have to keep our ambitions in check. Every so often we've got to realign our heart and focus to ensure we're following Christ's plan and not our own. Which leads me to the ultimate question...

"Who am I?" 

Regardless of the intent, I've had a lot of trouble with both frames of the two previous questions. Struggling to reconcile my own past at one point or trying to feel completely comfortable operating in my talents without people believing it was for recognition. It's clinged to the back of my mind; becoming a bit of a burden at times.

However, instead of answering the first two questions above-- both of which are meant to be rhetorical-- I decided to ask God, "Who am I to You?"

The irony is for so long I asked this question even though I knew who I was. My struggle was always believing it. 

We can get so bombarded and distracted by what others think of who we are or who we're trying to be that we lose sight of our primary goal-- who we are to God.

As Christ operators, being able to fully relenquish our role to God is a privilege, to be able to submit our plans to Him and call Him 'Abba' is a gift and to have access to His will for us is an inheritance. 

God has, is and will continue to reveal who you are to Him throughout your walk and He wants you to know this:

"I designed a specific purpose for you and I need you to perform those good works in My Name.

When I show you who you are, believe Me."