3 Travel Pick-Me-Ups!

Travel can be stressful and a bit overwhelming. I know because I feel like I’m doing the absolute most these last few weeks: New York | Philadelphia | LA and Chicago back-to-back... to-back.

Whether solo or group adventures, there's bound to be something that tries to steal your travel joy (delayed flights, bad vibes or failed plans just to name a few). So here are three of my favorite travel pick-me-ups that are perfect for a little mood elevation:

| Travel Diffusers

Travel Diffuser.jpg

Scent is one of the strongest senses tied to memory and you won't want to forget a single moment on your next trip. If you'll be staying in hotels or BnB's during your travels, it's touch and go as to whether your accommodations will smell welcoming. That's why I love travel diffusers (the one pictured is “Volcano” scent by Capri Blue)!

I place a few drops of the oil into this diffuser (don't want the aroma to be too overpowering) and place it in my suitcase. It's a welcoming refresher while unpacking at my destination and it's as beautiful as it smells.

| Scented Oils


On the topic of aromatherapy, another minimal cost/high-value pick-me-up is scented oils. After a long travel day or day of sight-seeing, I love to unwind and reflect and my favorite way to do this is bath time, but sometimes my hotels or other accommodations are shower only. 

I don't fret though! I can still get my spa on by placing a FEW drops of scented oil on the shower floor—you don't want to make the shower floor too slippery—and letting the water run for about 30 seconds before hopping in. (Be conscious of water consumption!) 

You can buy a variety of oils by the pack from some of your favorite home stores or nearby discount retailers and the benefits are endless. Read up on the benefits of seven different oils here  to tailor your selection for some true rest and relaxation!

| Disposable Cameras

Last, but not least, grab a disposable camera before you head off to capture fun times! What nostalgia!

Disposable Camera.jpg

I'm still old enough to remember going to the local store to pick a few up before our trips and then the excitement of waiting for them to be developed. Even though two-thirds of them came back blurred or out a frame, it was those faithful few, fabulous candid shots that made it all worthwhile. 

Disposable cameras are great conversation starters too! On one of my past overseas adventures to Brazil, one of the women on an excursion whipped out an instant film camera and it was an instant hit! We snapped pictures and had to catch our breath from laughing so hard at the photos. On another trip to Cuba, a friend of mine captured some pretty awesome impromptus of us that I still have as keepsakes to this day!

Access to these "archaic" mediums has picked up in the past few years and you can finding disposable cameras increasingly in more places. And there are still numerous online stores where you can buy a few before jetting off to your next destination!  


What are are some of your favorite travel pick-me-ups? Drop them in the comments!.