Don't Touch My Hair.

How did a simple suggestion from a friend of mine end up turning into a viral moment? Here's how...

I think it's worth noting that even though I don't listen to her music (gospel gal), I've always loved Solange's style, creativity and fearlessness to be her 'weird' and quirky self.

So when a friend of mine that always jokes about how my weirdness reminds her of Solange, she suggested I imitate her new album cover, "A Seat At the Table." I figured it couldn't be that difficult to pull off. Bare makeup, frizzy mane and a few hair clips? That's me most days (minus the clips).

A quick trip to the local discount store, I picked up some hair clips, poster putty and a few permanent markers. Given my social life is a bit limited, I spent a Monday evening mold and coloring hair clips. Party. Animal.

I grabbed a photo of her album cover to fashion my clips in juuust the right places...


And the results...

"Don't touch my hair." via @coco_nanh

"Don't touch my hair." via @coco_nanh

I sent the picture to my usual circle and after they got a GOOD laugh in, they convinced me to post it.

And then this happened... 

Screenshot of @coco_nanh ELLE feature.

Screenshot of @coco_nanh ELLE feature.

I don't know how people play it cool all the time. I FREAKED OUT! For several reasons:

  1. I'm not one of those "stay cool" peeps. 
  2. It's ELLE Magazine. 
  3. It's E L L E Magazine.  

Anywho, day/week/life made. Do you think I nailed it? Drop your comments below!