Sao Paulo: "The Blind Date"

In trying to think of a way to recap my recent visit to Brazil, I decided to share my experiences as though each city was an encounter with a suitor. Not for any reason in particular. It just so happens that when I was thinking back on how my experiences left me feeling, I was able to connect them to loose archetypes of guys interested in winning a woman's heart. 

With that being said-- first stop, São Paulo!

Reserved, a bit skeptical but still open, I decided to embrace this city as a first stop given it was my arrival city and I wanted to experience it an give it a fair chance.

Plain and simple: It's a city. "The New York of South America" like many other travel bloggers and cites alike deem it. High rise buildings, city parks and business districts, it's streets a filled with compact cars carrying pressed-for-time professionals. 

My first impression and visit was not much to chart, but I plan to give it another try during my departure.

Revision 1/20/16

Just like the decision you make at the end of any blind date (or at the beginning), I decided to give Sao Paulo another chance. My return flight was scheduled to depart out of this city at the end of my Brazil explorations so I booked an earlier flight into the city so I could have one more day to explore... and I'm glad I did.

This time I met up with a friend that was on my TN Experiences trip in Salvador and we spent the day out in the city. I walked the city blocks of Vila Nova Conceição, ventured into the shops in Vila Olímpia and tried my first Brigadeiro (which is crazy since I had been in Brazil 3 weeks and still ad tried their famous dessert. It was amazing). 

Of course, I'm sure that having a friend to get lost with in the city helped change my perspective. Although the people still weren't the friendliest out of the three cities I visited, it didn't matter as much because I was pre-occupied with the conversations I was carrying on with my travel buddy.