Reach for the Stars

I’m going for it! I’m taking a leap of faith!

It’s seems like such a big leap, but it’s not the jump I’m afraid of... it’s where I’ll land. I’m not sure where that is just yet, but right now I’m enjoying the suspension between leap and land.

The joy, the feeling of floating mid air and the weightlessness from laying aside every burden... and it feels good, y’all!

But the stars aren’t even my aim; Heaven is. For there’s no better place to set your sights. No match of joy or happiness that can compete.

And while I seek to do His good pleasure, I know I need to keep aiming high, stay focused and keep reaching for the stars!  


the details

| feather peplum top x anthropologie

| houndstooth fringed hem pant x free people

| star stitched sandals x paula cademartori

| leather moto jacket x les temps des cerises