purposeful by design

I tell ya! This year has already been the year of "let's see how much of the ugliness of humanity we can display." From crass and tactless politicians to demented domestic attacks to what seems like countless "Wait... what happened?!" moments.

In a time where we're inundated with jolting news and what's seems like endless tragedies, how do we keep carrying on with business as usual?

We don't.  

It’s important to work to understand all the nuances of racial identity, socio-economic disparities, political affiliations etc., but it's also equally important and, dare I say it imperative to view some things as black and white. 

| black and white

I learned a little pinch about design theory in my creative beginnings and that is that opposites don't just attract, they amplify.

According to a study on the effects of color on mental performance, the higher the level of contrast displayed the more attention and better visibility that occurred and cognitive function increased. (Dzulkifli and Mustafar)

That’s pretty true if you even use the two most opposite colors on the spectrum: black and white.

  • Black is the strongest of the neutral colors. Often associated with power, sophistication, elegance, and formality. 
  • White, on the opposite end of the spectrum from black is often associated with purity, cleanliness and virtue.

What's amazing is that in this same study these two colors weren’t as powerful when viewed individually. It was only when viewed together ( i.e. in contrast) that mental and cognitive performance improved.

| in contrast

I’d love the world to begin viewing every issue through the lense of design. Maybe then we’d realize that through our own contrast of "black and white," "privileged vs. disenfranchised," "Democrat vs. Republican" or any other contrast we view as a divide or that is used as a strategy to project 'otherness,' there is space for both to meet and exist...

clean elegance.

powerful virtue.

pure sophistication.

Acknowledging, empathizing and being understanding of the stark differences (politically, ethnically or socially) we have between each other is as important as identifying the similarities. And it’s these opposing views that bring attention (and tension) to the issues we need to focus on the most.

It's that contrast that amplifies our humanity. If we remain unchallenged, unresolved and unmoved, we keep ourselves from living a life that’s purposeful by design. 



| black turtle neck x dolan

| vintage collar necklace + white silk pants

| velvet maddy platform sandals x deimille

| red envelope clutch x zac posen

| photography x Ebony Archie 

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| p.s. If the photos didn't convey it enough, I'm a #blackgirlmagic, #brownpeoplelovin #woke #queen and I still love everybody. :)