Pretty Messed Up

There's a story behind this post. It almost didn't make the cut. I spotted a shirt months before buying it; adding it to my watch list per usual sale surveillance. When it finally came down to a price I was willing to pay (and the retailer offered a free shipping promo) I decided to take the leap.  

(Couldn't resist.)

(Couldn't resist.)

A few days later it arrived in the mail. I was so excited to see it in person, but as soon as I opened the box and pulled it out, I noticed it had a small defect. 

I went to the retailer's website to initiate a return. I always have pleasant experiences with this e-store and this encounter was no different. They gave me the option of returning it or keeping it for an additional discount. I went back and forth for a few days and then it hit me: "I'm returning a 'pretty' shirt because it's not. That's pretty messed up."


So I took the discount and kept the shirt as a reminder of why I'd originally stayed away from the fashion blogging space for so long-- the perceived frivolity, the pressure to be perfect and the need to put on airs as if we have it all together.

The truth is, when you get to see the reality behind the posts, it ain't all pretty. And just like the things we try so hard to keep shiny and new eventually wear or wear out, instead of attempting to repair them, we dispose of them.  


Since starting and my 'So Fancy, Nancy' segment I've been able to connect with some pretty (last time I'll use the word!) amazing people in this creative space to debunk that myth of perfection. It's also shone a light on those valuable things in life I need to be intentional about repairing before I immediately think to discard them.

More than anything I want to share the real me (as "real" as you can get in this digital age).  I want to remain authentically, awkwardly and altruistically me. No false pretenses. Just a girl expressing her God-given creativity in a classy, yet quirky way. 

Stay Fancy,



 "Pretty Messed Up"


| 'Pretty 3D' shirt x Markus Lupfer 

| 'Elyse' boots x Stella McCartney 

| Denim x Levi 

| Leather jacket x Le Temps des Cerises


photography x Ebony Archie | @savvysunflower_