My City 4 Ways!

| The deets.  

This past weekend Essence Magazine and Ford co-sponsored and hosted their traveling mini-festival, "My City 4 Ways," in Memphis, TN. A fusion of art, food, music and style the energy was, dare I say it, LIT. 

Search #MyFordCity for more event photos! 

Search #MyFordCity for more event photos! 

The line up was full of black excellence, boy joy and girl magic. From comedian and co-host of "The Real", Loni Love to Kelis--who, by the way, has gone from her milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard (singing) to her steaks bringing all the men to the table (luxe catering)-- to the style and creative guru herself, June Ambrose.

Yup. You heard me right.  

| Fan girl alert! |

Y'all. Guys and gals. Beau.ti.ful people!

Another major win yesterday was getting the opportunity to listen to THE @juneambrose spread some serious 'couragement to a room FULL of black talent.

| Me + @JuneAmbrose! (She was adjusting angles and everything! Such a HUGE, but humble personality.) 

| Me + @JuneAmbrose! (She was adjusting angles and everything! Such a HUGE, but humble personality.) 

June was one of the first major stylists I identified with (melanin wise + creatively) so if I look like I'm being a fan girl in this photo, it's because I was being a fan girl in real life. I can't explain the feeling of thanking her, in person, for being such an inspiration for women of color in the creative industry. (I mean, we've fed it in every facet including style anyway, but she was like "Nawl, bruhs. Y'all gone pay me for it!") 

Bloom. | Planted.

Anywho, June was like #glitterbae Saturday, showering us with so much high energy and positivity it was contagious. And this weekend was so much more than a cool, art fusion event. It was a reminder for me to bloom where I'm planted and use my gifts, talents and passions to build a better community. That community being heavily influenced by the style, art and creative culture that's been a constant behind all my motivations.

So if you get a chance this week, OPENLY thank a mentor, friend or influence in your life. Not just for their acknowledge, but for YOURS. You don't get ANYWHERE without the help, inspiration or motivation of somebody. I hope y'all listening to meeee!

Looking forward to the energy sparked (or reignited) in everyone who "came thru!"


bloom. | planted.

| side zip sweater x Jason Wu

| faux leather piping legging x Anthropologie

| elyse platform boots x Stella McCartney

| layered, gold necklace ensemble: madewell + vintage + @DaddyDaughterJewelry