Balance | Perfect balance doesn't exist. Don’t fall for it. 

Balance implies continual shifts or repositioning to absorb impacts of a disturbance. There's no single point in our lives where we are (or should be) completely still.

Take time to feel the impact that someone is trying to have on your life-- whether positive or negative-- and the REACT.

| If they're seeking to pull you up, pull you out of your comfort zone and push you to a better place in your life then lean in, dig in and put in the work.

| If they're not, then push back! Take control of who you are and learn to follow God's divine will while doing it. 

Don't strive for 'perfect balance.' Instead, seek

| openness

| flexibility and

| purposeful reform.



| Iridescent Maxi Slip x Out From Under | Urban Outfitters USA

| Leather Culottes x Light Before Dark | Urban Outfitters UK

| Maxi Menswear Vest x FreePeople

| Capri Leather Mules x Pour La Victoire

Photography x Ebony Archie | @savvysunflower_

Special thanks to biker boy, Tavis for the impromptu stunts! IG: @tav1s